A faster path to growth with Augmented Intelligence

Transform your data into outcomes

Discover your action plan to achieve results fast with CerteVerus AI

Transform data into outcomes

Discover your action plan and and achieve faster results with CerteVerus AI.

Meet your growth partner

We know what it takes for clients to achieve their growth goals. We also understand that budgets are scarce, timelines are tight, and the pressure to deploy resources for maximum return is higher than ever before. That’s why we built our flexible and powerful augmented intelligence platform.

Standing by its Latin origin, certe verus means “certainly true”. CerteVerus AI delivers accurate and actionable prescriptive analytics 97% faster than traditional management consulting at a fraction of the cost.

Your path to growth

A machine learning and AI-powered SaaS solution that guides results.

The proprietary CerteVerus AI platform is a deep learning, augmented intelligence system that transforms your data inputs into prescriptive answers to drive your growth outcomes.

  • Tighten timelines to results
  • Minimize decision risk
  • Deploy resources for maximum ROI
  • Align organization from top to bottom on strategic transformations

Our services

For Executives

Plan and make data-driven decisions that will yield results.

For Teams

Create a best-in-class, flexible enterprise data culture.

For Leaders

Know what actions to execute and improve staff development and performance.